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Großes Angebot an Sprachreisen in der BHAK Gänserndorf - z.B. Spanien!
Großes Angebot an Sprachreisen in der BHAK Gänserndorf- z.B. Irland!

Excursion - Vienna International Center

On 22 October 2021, the class 4CK of BHAK/BHAS Gänserndorf was given a tour about the UNO (United Nations Organisation) at the Vienna International Centre. Ms. Friedrich and Ms. Cvijetinovic accompanied the class on this amazing trip.

The tour started at the infamous “Memorial Plaza” with two English-speaking tour guides who gave the students basic information on the organization and what it advocates for. There, the students admired the flags of all the member states of the UN.

One of the highlights was seeing the biggest conference room in the building, where important meetings are held, and decisions are made in the UN. The UN tour guides explained how such meetings work in terms of communication (e.g.: translation).

Some interesting exhibitions were included in the tour: The space exhibition showed some really important people who contributed to research on and made big discoveries about space. Furthermore, the students learnt about the international monitoring system which shows where nuclear testing is being done all over the world. Furthermore, the objectives which the organization wants to enforce, such as the nuclear testing ban, was explained in great detail.

Interestingly, in almost every part of the building artwork of great significance and meaning is being displayed and so, the groups could admire different statues and paintings.

Through this trip, the participants were able to expand their knowledge on what they learned in their English lessons. We hope that once things go back to normal, other classes can have this exciting experience as well!

Aleyna Gökdemir, 4CK